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  TYMachine tool guideway soft belt
  TYGuide soft with special glue
  TYGuide belt Self-lubricating soft belt
  TYHigh-grade guide soft belt series
  Ptfe cutting boards、Membrane、Belt
  A compressor、Oxygen generator accessories
  Engineering machinery parts and components
  Oil-free self-lubricating bearings
   Yangzhong days new macromolecule material co., LTD (The original yangzhong days new materials co., LTD) ShiFan ecological environment in the Yangtze river delta--Yangzhong, jiangsu province, China,Nearly20Years of development history。Is China's machine tool industry association、China plastic of fluorine plastic processing branch of member units。Enterprise has passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。
  Our company is specialized in organic fluorine polymer materials and production of various kinds of high performance engineering plastics,Products with self-lubricating abrasion,Long-term high and low temperature resistance,Resistance to acid and alkali,High mechanical strength and other properties。Has been widely used in domestic oil、Chemical industry、Machine tools、Electric power、Machinery、A car、Metallurgy、Electrons、The ship、Paper and other industries,TYThe famous series products!
  Our company main products----TYMachine tool guideway soft beltThe scale of production and special glue、Technology and equipment、Products in the industry the highest level,With a higher reputation in the domestic machine tool manufacturing。T Y Guide soft beltAs a result of chosen in accordance with the eu environmental protection standard of super slim purity fluorocarbon resin and nanoscale wear-resistant alloy elements as raw materials,Using is different from the traditional production process、Formula for production,Per unit volume of abrasive particles increases significantly,The material more uniform density,Internal stress released in full,Product appearance is more flat and level,Cutting deformation,Absolutely“Kelp edge”,Quality completely and be comparable to import high-end soft belt。T Y Machine tool guideway soft belt,Conservation experts guide rail!Guide soft with special glueThe material evenly,Good toughness at low temperature,Long-term oil resistance to acid and alkali resistance,Bonding strength,Smell is small,Deposit not settling for a long time。Better solves the low temperature curing brittle、Viscosity at low temperature,Stir difficulties and the effects of low temperature curing time is too long construction period and other technical difficulties。
   Sales is just the beginning ,Service is not a destination!Our company has set up a professional after-sale technical service team,Timely solve customers in the product in the use of all kinds of technical problems,As soon as new material wholeheartedly for the new and old customers to provide quality pre-sale,Sale,After-sales service。
   Today's young zhongtian new material is in view of globalization、Open mind、Pioneering and innovative spirit and global,Stick to it“The branding、Internationalization”The development of the strategy,Carry on“The good faith、Professional dedication、Innovation”The spirit of enterprise,Based on the independent innovation,Service machine tool industry,Casting fluorine material classics,Strive to become bigger and stronger。Our company provides a full range of self-lubrication、Wear resistant and high quality sealing products and services,As soon as seal,Perfect!

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