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Gongyi city samsung water treatment equipment co., LTD
The ground The address:Gongyi city in henan province development zone
Contacts:Mr. Ding
The electricity Words:0371-64362494  0371-64362411
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    Gongyi city samsung water treatment equipment co., LTD(The original gongyi city song water supply and drainage materials plant)Was built in1987Years,Is the production of water treatment material and packing of professional entity enterprise。The factory has a skilled、Business skilled、Experienced r&d and management team,Has perfect quality management system,And in2005Years passedISO9001:2000Quality management system certification。
    For a long time,The company in line with“The pursuit of excellence、The service is supreme”The concept of enterprise management,With the domestic famous scientific research institutions and universities,The establishment of a long-term technical cooperation relationship,Insist on production、To learn、In combination with research,Constantly develop new products。At present the company's products have launched:Water treatment equipment、Water treatment agent and water purification materials;Environmental protection packing、Chemical packing, environmental protection equipment series products, etc,Widely used in petroleum、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Iron and steel、Medicine、Electrons、Printing and dyeing、Textile and other fields,Reliable quality、Perfect service,Winning the trust of old and new customers。
    The company insists on the unification of quality and service,Provide the following services to our customers:
    ◆ Provide sewage treatment technology the best solution;
    ◆ Provide new staff training process;
    ◆ Provide a wide range of USES of chemical agent;
    ◆ To undertake a variety of industry wastewater treatment engineering design、Construction and commissioning。
    Samsung, in the face of opportunities and challenges brought by the fierce market competition,Is with a new business model and management concept,To build“Samsung”Brand,Make it always stands on the mountain in the field of water treatment。We will be first-class products and good services welcomes its eight side relatives and friends,Treat all guests。

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