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Shanwei cities quick guide equipment co., LTD 0660-3413888
With youONWALeiDaNa suede island a day trip 2016-5-30
The wholeIPNetwork land-based pulse radar 2016-5-22
ONWA® AISTransceiverKS-200A 2016-5-9
2016China(Zhuhai)International Marine high-tech exhibition anwarONWA®Looking forward to your arrival 2016-4-28
Review of the fourth electronic information exposition 2016-4-18
Shanwei quick guide equipment co., LTD., part of the fourth China electronic information fair this year 2016-4-6
Shanwei cities quick guide equipment co., LTD., established in1997Years3Month27Day,For company's registered capital2208Ten thousand yuan,The company address is located in shanwei cities city red grass Po edge industrial zone。Shanwei cities quick guide equipment co., LTD is a high-tech research and development company,Mainly engaged in navigation instrument research and development、Production、Maintenance and repair...[More content]
Address:Shanwei cities of guangdong province town of red grass Po side industrial area in the building Contact phone number:0660-3413888 The
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